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Montreal Stop One – Schwartz’s (but really, who doesn’t stop here?)

Yes! You read that right! We review restaurants in other cities too, make sure you keep an eye out for Vancouver in the future ;)

Over the weekend a small group of our friends decided to mosey on over to Montreal for the day to have some fun and eat some delicious food.┬áSeveral of our friends have discovered our secret restaurant blog, so during our trip C and I were excited to incorporate a lot of their opinions and thoughts into our Montreal posts. So along with mine and C’s dishes you also get to see M, J, and guy-C’s!


Out of our group (and in our relationship haha) C is the events-planner…this girl loves to plan, so she organized a food-filled itinerary for us and off we went on Saturday morning. Our first stop? Schwartz’s for some delicious (oh my word how delicious) world-famous smoked meat. Now this is where we knew it was going to be an amazing trip. We rolled into Montreal just before 12 and we were able to park ridiculously close to the deli AND we beat the lunch rush (I wish I had taken a picture of the line into the deli after we ate…it was INSANE). We were seated promptly and just as promptly identified as foreigners from the far land of Ontario. One more thing to note is that we were going on a relatively cold winter day and when we opened the door to the deli and that warm, yummy, smoked meaty air wafted into our nostrils we knew that we were in for a good snack.

Our attention was drawn to the simple menu as well as the eclectic group of patrons that Schwartz serves. They seat everyone canteen style meaning that you might be just trying to get your sandwich fix on, but you just might make a new friend while discussing current events and the deliciousity of the sandwiches. I think one of the greatest things about this place is the way that Montrealers talk about it. EVERYONE and their grandmothers knows about Schwartz’s and I think it’s neat for a really great food product to be a unifying thing for a city.

what we got

Anyways. Between the five of us we decided to only get three sandwiches ($5.90/sandwich), since we had plans to go to another restaurant for more food right after eating at Schwartz’s. Beware though! They make it a rule to charge an extra $1.50/person for those patrons who decide to share their wares. When you order their smoked meat you have the option of different cuts: lean, medium, or fatty. We ordered two mediums and one fatty (pffft lean). The medium cut is pictured below.

Now, I have to be incredibly insistent on this guys. Get the FATTY. Please. Just trust me. C is normally anti-fatty meats and she actually enjoyed it much more than the medium cut. M, J, and guy-C also thought that the fatty was the better of the cuts too! Now they all taste the same, but the texture and juiciness and succulentness of the fatty cut is just almost other worldly. It really does make the difference in this sandwich.

Another thing with these sandwiches is you’ll notice the bread:meat ratio is almost borderline impossibly ridiculous. Don’t worry. The actual flavour of the meat is really full and the mustard that they serve is the perfect way to cut into that fullness of the meat. I’m not normally a mustard guy but Schwartz’s has been in business for over 80 years, so I’d trust them on this one.

Schwartz’s also sells blocks of their smoked brisket to be steamed at home right next door, which is exactly where we strolled on over to after our meal. Guy-C and myself couldn’t resist bringing some back with us so that we could both have delicious smoked brisket sandwiches at our leisure (go figure that the only guys on the trip would be ultra-excited about buying massive hunks of smoked brisket haha). Their smoked meat is sold at a unit price of $11.99/lb so buying it can definitely get pricy…but this delicious ambrosia in meat-form is definitely worth it. My only complaint is that I wasn’t able to find any fatty cuts so I had to settle for a medium cut.


4.0 (out of 5) for food

3.0 (out of 5) for atmosphere

I know those scores seem a bit high for a small and cramped place like Schwartz’s but you have to take these scores as representations of the restaurants themselves. While Schwartz’s was very much a deli, being loud and cramped…it was quaint and a nice unifying point for the community of Montreal. It is a deli after all, right?

C and I will definitely be back to visit Schwartz’s and if we can’t manage to get a seat then we will have to get it to go or just buy gigantic blocks of it to bring back home. Speaking of which, we are making what’s left of my block for dinner tonight. Hm, I wonder if they can ship some to Kingston…

Stay tuned for more posts from Montreal ;)


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