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Cafe le Matin – The local Asian diner

Don’t worry…it’s not actually what you think.

Cafe le Matin (where Coffey’s Cafe used to be) is a relatively new addition to the Princess Street restaurant scene. Coffey’s was a place where we had eaten a couple of times before and were generally pretty satisfied. So when we heard that they had changed owners, we decided to go for some breakfast before C had class, and here are our thoughts!


We thought that Cafe le Matin had a really nice feel to it, your typical diner fare but your not so typical diner set-up. When you first enter you’re pleasantly greeted by one of the new owners (the diner is now owned by an Asian family, we love that it’s family run!). The seating area is cute with a bunch of random antique magazine articles on the walls and crates near the windows. I think my favourite part about Cafe le Matin, compared to other diner-esque places (eg. Morrisons or Star diner haha), is that you don’t come out smelling like you were eating your meal inside the kitchen.

what we ordered

C got the big breakfast (2 eggs, toast, homefries, choice of peameal, bacon, sausage, or ham, and coffee/tea) for just over $8. She opted for the peameal bacon and hot chocolate instead of tea. C loved the peameal but the bread was kind of your run of the mill Wonderbread-esque loaf, nothing too special. The food wasn’t greasy feeling and the big breakfast was really filling. (C says: That hair on the bottom of the plate isn’t from Cafe le Matin! It’s actually mine and we just noticed it while writing this post!)

I got the big breakfast sandwich (lettuce, tomato, mayo, bacon, cheese, egg) with an order of homefries and an orange juice for just over $10. The sandwich itself was just under $5. I’ve had the big breakfast sandwich before, when the place used to be called Coffey’s, and it was a really solid breakfast. I got the homefries on the side because I LOVE breakfast potatoes at these diner-type places. I loved that they used fresh, not frozen, potatoes and they gave me a pretty hefty portion.


C and I like to have a rating system for these places so that you know how these different restaurants match up to each other. So for Cafe le Matin we gave it a:

3.5 (out of 5) for food

3.5 (out of 5) for atmosphere

While Cafe le Matin may not be your most upscale place to eat breakfast, it’s affordable and has a cute atmosphere. We’ll probably be making a few more trips there this year for some early morning breakfast. Go check out Cafe le Matin near Princess and Bagot (137 Princess St.).

C and K

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