New York again: eating

So it seems every third post of ours is about visiting New York. We do indeed love New York a lot, and though we just got back, I can’t wait until our next trip! We’re doing things a little differently this time – posting topically rather than chronologically. Seeing as how Kelvin’s favourite thing to do on vacation is eat, we are dedicating this first post to some of the places at which we dined.

Morton’s Steakhouse
1 Riverside Square Mall, Hackensack, NJ

No picture from this eatery, but we thoroughly enjoyed our time at this steakhouse. Located in the Shops at Riverside, Morton’s provided a quality dining experience with exceptional service. Because it was late by the time we were seated (we went on a Saturday with no reservations), Kelvin and I shared a prime ribeye, which was slightly more well-done than the medium rare we had requested. We shared a number of appetizers and side dishes with our whole party, and especially enjoyed their mac and cheese. The potatoes au gratin, on the other hand, were not well-received. If you have a smaller party and just want some nibbles, they have first-come, first-served space at the bar for bites starting at 9 pm.

Tasty Dumpling
42 Mulberry St, New York, NY

After looking on a number of websites, blogs, and other such things, we came to the conclusion that the best dumplings in New York would either be at Tasty Dumpling or at Prosperity Dumplings (on Eldridge). We opted to try Tasty Dumpling on Monday for lunch, ordering copious amounts of chives and pork dumplings (I preferred these over the cabbage and pork dumplings).


The dumplings themselves were quite good, and great value at 5 for $1.25. However, having eaten a good number of dumplings in our lifetime, we weren’t sure whether these were truly worth the title of New York’s best dumplings. The wrapping was a little too thick and not quite crispy enough. The actual filling itself was very flavourful, though. We also ordered some noodles and the beef pancake. Not at all what we had expected – we will not be ordering these again. It started to get busy as we were finishing up, and I have a strong suspicion a number of the groups were also tourists.

552 LaGuardia Pl, New York, NY

We stumbled upon this little bakery while in the NYU area. Though they are known for their namesake, the mille-feuille, I actually didn’t try any (not really a fan of pastries…). Kelvin had some and he said it was okay.


Now what I DO love is macarons, and that is something they had a great selection of. Thus, I got a pack of 8. These little guys are always so expensive (probably because they’re so hard to make), but they were entirely worth it. I’ll be honest – I’ve not been wowed by the macarons I’ve eaten lately, but these definitely renewed my faith. They were soft and spot on with their flavouring. The chocolate macaron was delicious, and the raspberry one was so true to taste. I ate a number of them and saved a few for later, and they were still good! In fact, my last macaron was the best of all. I don’t actually know what flavour it was (it was brown), but it was heavenly. I will definitely be coming back here next time we visit New York.


Cull and Pistol
75 9th Ave, New York, NY

We stumbled upon this little place in Chelsea market once before when we were in New York and we loved it so much we decided to come back! They have happy hour on weekdays from 4-6 pm and oysters at the bar are only $1! We had quite a number… Mostly every oyster we had was delicious. We normally like clean, sweeter oysters, but we tried one that had a buttery finish and that was very enjoyable. The hostess was so accommodating and helped us secure a spot there for dinner directly following. I got the bacon wrapped Arctic char (great flavour, a fish we will try to cook more of at home) and Kelvin had the Connecticut lobster roll (he prepares warm lobster rolls, as do I).

The Meatball Shop
170 Bedford Ave, New York, NY

Though it has other locations around New York, we tried The Meatball Shop in Brooklyn during our visit on Tuesday. Such a cute idea with decent food. Every day they have specials, including a homemade meatball of sorts. The day we went, it was a chicken pot pie meatball with carrots, potatoes and more!


Ippudo Westside
321 West 51st Street, New York, NY

Ippudo NY is Kelvin’s favourite ramen place. Though my heart still thinks the meal I had at Santouka in Vancouver is superior, I must agree that the ramen is tasty. We got a special appetizer to start (Samurai buns – hirata buns but with some sort of pulled beef/brisket I believe) which we actually didn’t enjoy as much as our regular ‘ol pork hirata buns. Then we ordered an Akamaru Modern for each of us. I even ordered Kae-dama (extra noodles). Those three sliders must not have been enough…


I also ordered a cranberry juice (why did I do that?…) and it was very diluted. Poor life choice on my part. But all in all, a wonderfully quick meal before our show (more on that in our post about what we did!)

Babbo Ristorante
110 Waverly Pl, New York, NY

For our last meal in New York, we decided to go Italian. Owned by Iron Chef Mario Batali, this restaurant had impeccable service and some exquisite food. We ordered a number of pastas to share for our primi course – gnocchi, black spaghetti, ravioli, agnolotti, and orecchiette. I personally enjoyed the ravioli the most with the orecchiette as a close second. I ordered the scallops as my main and they were plump and cooked to perfection. To finish off, I ordered the gelato (three scoops that I needed to share!), and was pleasantly surprised by the distinct taste of the olive oil gelato. Through and through, a delicious meal and I would not hesitate to come again!