Chez Piggy

As much as it is nice to eat in for brunch like we shared about a little while ago, Kingston is a city that has no shortage of delicious places to eat out. Though we are trying to find more spots on the west end of town to dine at, there are tried and true establishments that remain in the downtown core.

This past Sunday, we went with our friends Gary and Joyce (their suggestion!) to Chez Piggy. Tucked away in a courtyard off Princess Street, this two-storey restaurant is absolutely quaint. We were seated upstairs in the loft, and throughout the meal, I dreamed about what it would be like to have a home that had as much character as this place. Kelvin and I had been to Chez Piggy together once for their Table d’hôte, and I had been once for a work lunch, but never had we been for brunch.

And let me tell you – Chez Piggy did not disappoint.

Gary and Kelvin both ordered the eggs benedict (sorry we didn’t take any pictures, and I couldn’t find the right ones online). I normally don’t like eggs benedict, but I would’ve eaten all of this. The eggs were just firm enough, and the sour dough didn’t get soggy at all.

undone omelette

Joyce and I both got the undone omelette (I got this photo off the internet…I forgot to take one). Because we are both not a fan of runny egg yolk, we asked for them to harden up the sunny side eggs, which they did a wonderful job of. The manchego was the perfect cheese for this, the arugula was a nice touch.

The icing on the cake? The homefries. I kid you not, those homefries were delicious. With crispy onions scattered amongst them, this was the perfect complement to our eggs.

We finished our meal fully satisfied, evidenced by our clear plates and beaming faces. The portions were just right, and reflective of the price. This is a definitely a place I feel confident recommending.


Cat and I don’t really talk about work or what we do on our blog. Given the nature of our work and who we work for/with, we decided that it’s probably best if we are as vague as possible. So, you know that I own a small business here in Kingston and Cat does…something or other.

My business partner and I are in the process of moving into a new commercial space and it’s been a really long and tiring process, BUT there has been some fun! For instance, we stopped into Structube this past week to pick out our office furniture. This is the waiting room seating and office desk that we’ve decided on.



Cat and I have been a real mid-century kick and this desk fits perfectly with that. Too bad it’s for work and not for home, not that I could fit it in our home office anyways! My business partner and I picked out some chairs too but I forgot to take a picture of them. They’re like a much cheaper, probably less well-made version of the Eames Aluminum Group management chair. Maybe when I’m a big, successful business man I can drop the money on one of those bad boys…or an Aeron. My butt and lower back can always dream!!