I think that waiting for packages to arrive is one of the most exciting/thrilling/frustrating/annoying activities in our modern lives. From the moment we place our order to the time that we receive our tracking information to the very day of expected delivery it’s a never ending roller coaster of emotions!

I was talking to my mom yesterday about how every time a car passes by the house I’ll run to a room with windows facing the street just to see if it’s the UPS/Fed-ex/Purolator/LDH guy. And every time I would come back to my room a little bit more disappointed than the previous visit. My mom laughed and mentioned that I’m a lot like our family friend Betty, who is in her eighties. When Betty was younger their family would order items from the Sears catalogue (!!) through regular mail (!!) and she would love the anticipation but had no idea when her packages would arrive. I can relate a lot to Betty, but I’m also glad that we live in an era where we have tracking information and the internet to complete our orders.


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