thank you!

To all of you who read our blog, we just want to say a huge thank youfor your comments and thoughts. K mentioned earlier this week that we’ve managed to clinch a top 5 spot on the Ontario blog leaderboard for Urbanspoon, and it blew our minds!

This is definitely an encouragement to us, and we will try to post more regularly. We’ve been visiting Sima Sushi downtown a lot, and every so often we snap a picture or two, but we keep putting off the actual writing of the post! Perhaps next time we go, we’ll actually get down to it.

Keep checking back for other posts, and feel free to share our blog with your friends!! If there are any restaurants you guys think we should try out, send us a message!



One thought on “thank you!”

  1. Congrats on your Top 5 listing on Urbanspoon! I’ve been regularly reading your blog and we appear to be visiting all the same places! I guess there aren’t really THAT many places to eat in Kingston… and I do tend to eat out a lot! Anyway, I just wanted to say that you are doing a great job and your photos look great. Keep it up!

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